Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jesus crucified

This is the lesson from 2014-02-09. Time was short because of a church function, so I only got 10 minutes to teach. We concentrated on fulfillment of prophecy and the finality of Jesus’s work on the cross.

Pilate’s poke at the Jews

  • READ 19:17–22
  • Opinion question: Why did Pilate write “The King Of The Jews”? (Because the leaders of the Jews had said “We have no king but C{}sar,” and he was taking them at their word.

Soldiers gamble for Jesus’s clothes

  • READ 19:23–24
  • All the way through the rest of this chapter, John wants to make sure to connect the crucifixion to prophecies.
  • READ Psalm 22:18

Jesus sees that his mother is cared for

  • READ 19:25–27
  • John was the one who cared for her.
  • Why not Jesus’s brothers? We don’t know.

Jesus dies

  • READ 19:28–29
  • Jesus is thirsty, dehydrated, so the thing they give him to drink fulfills prophecy.
  • READ Psalm 69:21
  • READ 19:30
  • It is finished. ASK What was finished? (All the wrath of God for sin.)
  • This is how we were saved. Remember the song we sing sometimes: “Till on the cross where Jesus died the wrath of God was satisfied.”
    • READ Romans 6:10
    • READ Hebrews 7:27
    • READ Hebrews 9:12
    • READ Hebrews 10:10

When Jesus said finished, he meant finished.

  • READ 19:31–37
  • Prophecy fulfillment keeps rolling in even after Jesus dies.
  • READ Exodus 12:46, Numbers 9:12 about the passover lamb.
    • We know it was about Jesus because of 1 Corinthians 5:7

Jesus is buried

  • READ 19:38–42
  • ASK Jesus was crucified between 2 thieves. Normally when a criminal was crucified, his body was thrown on the burning trash heap. But what happened to Jesus’s body? (Buried in a rich man’s tomb.)
  • This fulfilled even more prophecy. READ Isaiah 53:9.

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