Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jesus prays

This is the outline for the lesson of 2014-01-12, on John 17. The outline is short, and (I felt like) class didn’t go well, at least the teaching part. The handout I gave out follows the outline. It’s probably better than the lesson proper.


Like a lot of John’s Gospel, this chapter is so full that it’s almost numbing to try to organize it into one lesson.


  • 17:1–3
  • 17:4–6
  • 17:7–9
  • 17:10–12
  • 17:13–15
  • 17:16–18
  • 17:19–21
  • 17:22–24
  • 17:25–26

The prayer

ASK Who does Jesus pray for, and what does he pray?

  • Himself
    • That he would be glorified so that he could glorify the Father. (v 1, 5)
  • The disciples
    • That the Father would keep them in his name. (v 11)
    • That the Father would keep them from the evil one (v 15)
    • Sanctify them. (v 17) ASK What does sanctify mean? (To set apart for holy service)
  • Us
    • That we will all be one. (v 21)
    • To be with Jesus where he is to see his glory. (v 24)

The assertions about believers

ASK What does Jesus say about believers?

  • We are in the world (v 11)
  • Not of the world (vv 14, 16)
  • Sent into the world (v 18)


The Father Gave the Son … John 17
authority to give eternal life v. 2
people out of this world vv. 2, 6, 9, 24
work to accomplish v. 4
words v. 8
his name vv. 11, 12
glory vv. 22, 24
The Son Gives Believers … John 17
eternal life v. 2
the Father’s word vv. 8, 14
manifestation of the Father’s name vv. 6, 26
glory v. 22
The Son Asks the Father to … John 17
glorify him vv. 1, 5
keep believers in the Father’s name v. 11
keep believers from the evil one v. 15
sanctify believers in the truth v. 17
make believers one v. 21
Jesus’ Followers and the World John 17
they are sent into the world v. 18
they are in the world v. 11
they are not of the world v. 16
the world has hated them v. 14
their unity with each other and union with God may cause the world to believe the Father sent the Son v. 21

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