Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It’s not about the bread, it’s about the Bread

This is the outline for the lesson I taught on 2013-10-20. We mostly skipped the section on The Water, but other than that it was pretty much according to plan. As it says in the notes, there was no way to get through the whole chapter in 30–35 minutes. And I did’t bring up the stuff Jesus says about election at all.


This is one of the most important chapters in the whole Bible. This is where Jesus starts dividing people (“bringing a sword”) by his declaration of who he is. When he proclaimed the Gospel to the people who enjoyed the miracle, some “disciples” turned away.

There’s no way we can get through all of it.

The miracle of the bread

  • ASK What good is a sign if you don’t read it?
  • READ 6:1–6
  • READ 6:7 (200 deniarii would be 8 months wages for a common laborer.)
  • READ 6:8–10
  • READ 6:11 (As much as they wanted.)
  • READ 6:12–14
  • SAY The people saw the sign, but they didn’t read it. They didn’t realize it pointed to Jesus. To show this, READ 6:15.

The water

  • Jesus went up the mountain to be alone, and he sent the disciples ahead to Capernaum.
  • READ 6:18–19
  • They were afraid when they saw Jesus.
  • READ 6:20–21
  • When he spoke, they were glad.
  • This was a sign for the disciples, and if we’re disciples, it can be a sign for us.
    • When the sea is rough, the creator of the sea can come to us.
    • When he makes his presence known, be glad and let him into your boat.

The sign of the Bread

  • The people get into boats to chase Jesus down.
  • READ 6:25–26
  • Why did they go looking for him? (Free food!)
  • READ 6:27 What did Jesus tell them? (Physical food is temporary.)
  • READ 6:28–29
  • … And then they ask for a sign: READ6:30–31
  • And they hold up manna as the example!
  • SAY It’s easy to critisize: But they still didn’t get it.
  • SAY This is not the first time someone in John’s Gospel didn’t get the point:
    • Nicodemus: “born again/born from above”
    • Woman at the well: Where is this water?
    • Now these people with the bread. So Jesus explains it to them:
  • READ 6:32–33
  • READ 6:34 Yeah! We want that!
  • So Jesus explains the metaphor:
  • READ 6:35–37
  • SAY Here at last is our great Savior: Everyone who comes to him is saved by him, and is kept by him. READ 6:39–40

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