Sunday, September 29, 2013

Come again, Jew?

This is the outline of the lesson I taught on 2013-09-29 on the first part of John 4. The outline is a lot more organized than my delivery, which was a mess, like ”my dog chewed it up and found it distasteful and spit it out and that’s the order it came out in” mess. The pictures are from Wikipedia and under their media license.

The Scripture

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It’s not about water.

  • Samaritans: These were leftover Northern Kingdom folks, the poor who had not been carried off by the Assyrians. They intermarried with others brought in by the Assyrians. The Jews, from the Southern Kingdom, considered them to be like that famous song by Cherilyn Sarkisian: “Half-breed”.
  • Jacob’s Well: It’s still there today. You can go there and get water from the Greek Orthodox church on the site.
  • Here we have a woman from Samaria coming to the well at the “sixth hour.”
    • Either noon (Hebrew time) or 6pm (Roman time).
    • The hottest part of the day either way: Think about the summer weather here: It is really hottest in the summer from early afternoon up to 6–8 oclock.
    • She’s coming to the well when no one else does. (We learn why later.)
  • Jesus asks for water.
  • “Come again, Jew?”
  • Jesus: You should be asking me for “living water.”
    • This was a common phrase meaning spring water or stream water.
    • But Jesus means something else.
  • ASK What does she think is going on? (she thinks it’s about the water.)
  • Jesus says: Fetch your husband.
Husbands 5
Live-in Current
Other liasons Likely
  • This is why she came to the well in the hottest part of the day: The half-breeds considered her beneath them.

It’s not about this mountain

  • Jesus agrees about the husbands.
  • “Hey! You must be a prophet!”
Samaritans say Worship here.
Jews say Worship in Jerusalem.
  • Weirdness: Samaritan worship is still practiced with animal sacrifice, etc., around Mt Gerizim.
  • What does Jesus say about Jewish worship vs. Samaritan worship? (The Jews have it right so far).
Jesus says Those who receive the gift of God (v.10) don’t need a location. It’s not about the location, it’s about Spirit and truth.
  • ASK Does this mean it doesn’t matter how we worship?

Sowing, reaping, and belief

  • Jesus tells them, look at the fields: They’re ready for harvest!
    1. 36: The sower and the reaper rejoice together.
    • ASK What’s going on here? (Someare sowing, some are reaping all the time).
  • The people of the town:
    • Believe on account of what the woman says,
    • and later believe because they’ve heard from Jesus himself.
    • ASK What’s going on here? (Her testimony starts them believing, then the Word strengthens their belief.)
    • “Savior of the world” — not just the Jews.
    • ASK Who is so low as to not be worth it in terms of taking the Gospel to them?

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